Web Services

Since the late 90s, Designwrite Studios has been involved with Web site development. Today, we offer rock solid web planning and development to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities using a variety of solutions, including open source. We frequently choose open source because it's lean, affordable, stable and secure. What's more, open source puts the power in our clients hands and saves them money. The following steps guide us in developing sites for our clients, both small and large.

  1. Graphical and navigational design: How it looks, and how people look at it.
  2. Organization and solutions consulting: We listen to your goals, and then recommend the resources that will give you the most operative bang for your buck, from software to hosting.
  3. Programming and development: Building your site complete with the graphical interface and program functionality needed to meet your goals. From content management systems to e-commerce packages, we'll get you set up on the web according to your specifications.
  4. Content migration: Moving your existing content into the new site design can be tedious, but it's a great way for you and your staff to learn the ins and outs of your new site. Either way, we'll be there to do it, to help, or to train.
  5. Training: It goes without saying that we'll teach you everything you need to know to run your site. 
  6. Ongoing management and support: Typically we'll stick close to a new site for the first three months free of charge. It is in our best interest as well as yours to make sure the site is operating smoothly.
  7. Hosting: We are happy to work with your favorite host, and we can provide and maintain hosting as well. 

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