Brian Rusche has over 35 years experience in government relations, policy analysis, non-profit management, citizen engagement, and public leadership. He and Robyn have worked closely together for more than 15 years developing print and web communications, branding, lobbying and campaign material, and event display graphics.  Today, they are combining their consulting efforts on a variety of projects where design meets civic mission.  

Brian knows and loves public life in Minnesota. For 27 years Brian served as executive director of a statewide, interfaith public policy coalition, and, before that, served 7 years as Associate Director and Development Director for a statewide public health association. He has traveled to every corner and hamlet of the state and has visited and maintains friendships with people in all 87 Minnesota counties.

Read more about Brian at Brian Rusche and Associates LLC, a boutique consulting firm that helps organizations clarify and pursue their civic mission.