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Being able to work quickly isn't the most important quality, but it sure comes in handy when it matters.


Meeting deadlines within budget has been the hallmark of our services for more than 30 years.


We are pleased to have logged a score or more of national and regional awards.


We stand behind our clients, working to to communicate their messages, not ours.


Patient, helpful, and ready with a smile. That's our motto.

What People Say

It’s been such a pleasure working with you these past years – both for all that you’ve been able to help us to, and much more importantly, for the kindness and care you have demonstrated in how you operate.
Leigh Rosenberg
Minnesota Housing Partnership
I don’t know whether it’s unprecedented, but it can’t have happened often that a report and brochure receives a standing ovation. That’s what happened yesterday at our board meeting. Your work was applauded, loudly and long. Thank you for understanding us so well, and helping us say who we are and what we do in a way that is so appealing.
Patrick Henry
Center for Ecumenical & Cultural Research
The WFS educational campaign not only won an interregional award, it worked so well that a series of meetings planned for further training was cancelled because they were not needed. Thanks for your good design and fast turnaround.
Harlan Stoehr
Stoehr Agency
I want to complement the design, functionality and easy of use of the City of Woodbury website. I am a Silicon valley veteran (relocated to Woodbury) and I have to say that the website and the taxonomy are very well done.
City of Woodbury Resident
Thank you for the wisdom and care you put into the 8-year project plan and guide for The Saint John’s Illuminated Bible. It created context and careful delineation of program objectives and organizational support. I am particularly grateful for the thoughtful and deeply respectful way you went about creating our artist contract. Thanks for staying the have my deepest respect.
Br. Dietrich Reinhart, OSB
Saint John’s University
Cima Lab managers can say nothing but great things about you. They are so impressed with your knowledge and your ability to listen to 15 people and pull out the very core essential information. They would recommend you to anyone.
Cima Labs