CityStock is an unique, royalty-free stock imagery service designed specifically to meet the needs of cities. But CityStock is more than just another collection of stock photos. CityStock is organized into sensible collections and rotated monthly, making the search process faster and more efficient. 

Our images are designed to say "community." While being professional, we believe they present an editorial feel instead of a "big studio" feel. We hope this adds to the authenticity of your publication design. These are the benefits you enjoy when you become a member of Designwrite Studios CityStock Photo Service:

  • Royalty-free photography, illustrations and commissioned works
  • City-specific categorization for easy and efficient searching
  • Varied artists and photographers
  • Images rotated monthly to keep selections fresh

CityStock Addons:

You can also add the following tiered services to your membership.

Tier 1 - Includes Image retouch services - $59
Request up to 12 images per year for professional enhancement. Simply submit the photo with enhancement instructions, and we'll turn that around to you within 48 hours. Learn more about photo enhancement here. 

Tier 2 - Includes Retouch and Custom Photo Requests - $89
Request up to 15 specific photos per year and we'll find it or shoot it. Add this to the image retouch services and you'll be building a custom library in no time.

Full Package - Shoot Your City Photo Contest - $139
Run an online photo contest for your city. Choose your categories and time of year you'd like to run the contest, and we'll create the online submission form, accept and judge submissions, then provide you with web and print-ready files of the winning photos. We'll help you promote the contest with graphics, copy and rules. Package includes tiers 1 and 2.

Questions? Call 651-690-0773 or contact Robyn.